Wednesday, 11 March 2015

TMI - 50 Questions Tag!!

Darlings!! After a long long wait a new vid is up! Watch it here!
Thank you for watching and see you in my next video!!


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

One Direction 'The Looks Collection'

Hello everyone,
I am really sorry that I was gone for such a long time, but honestly, my life is so chaotic at the moment I couldn't find the time. But this isn't what the post is going to be about.

A while ago, I got asked by a certain company to review a product from their range. This product is the One Direction Makeup 'The Looks Collection'. I have written about other One Direction products in the past so I decided to write about this one as well. Sadly, the company ran out of samples so I wasn't sent one to review, but I agreed to write about it, so here I am. Trying to give you my honest review, like always. I did see them in a TK Maxx where I live and the products look alright, seem like good quality cosmetics. If I wasn't a broke student I'd definitely get one of the sets.
Also they are Limited Edition, but I'm sure that you would be able to find them online or somewhere at the bottom of TK Maxx shelves, like I did a few weeks ago.

So, there are three boxes. 'Up all Night', 'Take me Home' and the 'Midnight Memories' kit, which are named after their albums (DUHH..). So, lets go through them all separately shall we.

The pretty tin contains;  

- A lipgloss called 'Taken', I'd love the have it swatched, and I'm really sad that I can't. I really wish I could show you all. But it's a bubblegum pink, glittery lipgloss which apparently glows orange if you look at it under the UV light. Which to me seems pretty freaking cool. 
- 'I should have kissed you' lipstick, also a pink bubblegum colour. 
- 'Na Na Na' Nail polish, which somehow reminds me of a mermaid or something and that's quite awesome. It is described as 'Aqua - Blue metallic polish' 
- A 'Stand Up' eye and body crayon which can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base OR I'd personally use it to destroy the faces of my flatmates during sleepovers, by drawing different... images on their faces. 
- 'Little Black dress' mascara, I wish I could see the applicator on it, ugh. I really wish I had them sets to play around with. 
- And finally we have an eyeshadow palette, 'More than this', which is a soft pink colour, 'Gotta be you', a silver, shimmery colour, 'Save you tonight', which is also shimmery but this time its a turquoise blue shimmer, 'Another World' which is again a blue shade and 'Up All Night' which is a sapphire glitter cream shadow. 

The tin also contains stencils with which you can decorate your tin or your skin. See what I did there? Hehehehehe... 

This tin is my favourite out of all three, it contains;

- A golden lipgloss called 'Kiss You' which also changes colour in the UV light, this time it's neon yellow. I'd love to see that haha! 
- 'Last first kiss' which is an amazing looking nude-pink lipstick. I'd love to have it in my collection to be honest. Plus the packaging is just adorable. 
- 'Live While We're Young' nail varnish, the glitter in it is multi-dimentional so it isn't a boring plain glittery polish. 
- The eyeshadow stick is a chocolate brown shade, I think it looks lovely. I have looked at some swatches of it online.
- Again there is a 'Little Black Dress' mascara.
- The eyeshadow palette contains ; 'Back to you' which is a velvet creme shadow, 'Change my mind' a peachy shimmer, 'C'mon C'mon', soft taupe shade, 'Little Things' a smoky brown and 'Take Me Home' which is a golden glitter creme which I think must look amazing. 

In the box, like in the last one, there are stencils which you can use to bring out your creative side. 

The final box consists of;

-'Through The Dark' is a poppy shade, glittery lipgloss. It glows neon red in the UV light, this also I'd love to see.
- 'Best Song Ever' a crimson red lipstick, cause everyone needs a plain red lippie. Even if, like me, you look like the Joker in it, it doesn't matter. You still need it. Trust me. 
- 'Right Now' which is a black metallic nail polish. 
- 'Better Than Words' eye and body crayon. 
- Again, the 'Little Black Dress' mascara.
- Eyeshadow palette is a mix of 'Little White Lies', which is a pale gray colour, 'Dont Forget Where You Belong' it is a soft pink shimmery shadow, 'Half a Heart', a metal grey, 'Strong', which is a must have shade for anyone really, a matte black charcoal shade shadow, and last is 'Midnight Memories', which is a silver creme shadow. 

Plus the stencils. 

And this is it! All three boxes have been summerized, for swatches I'm afraid you will have to go to other beauty blogs, which I am quite upset about haha. I did all I could, and I know that this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. The boxes might be mostly sold out but I checked online, like ebay or things like that and they're still there, so you should be able to find them there. 
I hope you liked this rather weird post, see you in my next one ( which I hope will be out very soon!)

Much love,

Monday, 2 February 2015

Sleek 'Storm' Palette Review...

   Hello my darlings!
Yes, yes. Boo me for being gone for like a month. This time, I don't have a reasonable explanation as to why I was gone (surprise surprise). Laziness maybe? Or because I wasn't feeling all that great, and I'm not talking about a cold or anything like that. 

But dun dun dunnnn... I am back! Please, contain your excitement. 

I have also been gone on my YouTube, and my video (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) looks rather lonely being there all by itself on my channel, so I decided too upload a new video today.  Not sure which one yet, because I have filmed a few. Or maybe I'll edit them all and add one each day. Hmm.. That'd be nice wouldn't it? I don't know yet, I shall see. Ah.. ALSO I am so so soo happy so see that my Facebook page has reached 10.000 likes! I have abandoned it also and I'm so so sorry about that, I kinda took a break from social media, except Instagram of course..(#InstaFoLyfe)

But! I promise I'll do a better job at being a blogger, and a vlogger.. I have a list of when and what social platform I will upload a new post on and I'll stick to it as much as possible. 

Now.. Onto the Palette..
Three words...


I think this is enough. 

But seriously, I knew of those babies since I got hooked on KatOsu makeup tutorials on YouTube, but my local stores never sold Sleek, bummer. I think Ireland overall didn't really carry Sleek. Thank the makeup Gods for bringing Sleek into Ireland. Many Irish bloggers appreciate it, I am sure. I mean I could buy it online, but then I'd have to wait for the order to get here and that is just torture to me. 

So what do I think of it? 

That pigmentation!!
I am actually scared to use the darker shades, because I have gotten the black eye shadow all over my face once. The shimmery shadows are beautiful, I honestly can't find the words to describe this palette. This probably makes me sound like some makeup crazed chick, which I admit I am, not super crazy though, I promise. But yeah, this is a total going out palette. The shadows would look great under some fluorescent lights. The shimmer is beautiful and I really think that any girl would love it. And every girl should own it! If you can't get it message me and I'll get it for you (ha ha jokes, I'm broke, but you get the idea)

So here are a few pics of the palette and some swatches which are shown on my sisters arm (Thank you for letting me use your arm hun) and sorry for the Christmassy background, I took these pictures last year actually. So I hope you like it!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas Gifts!

 Hi everyonee!! I don't think I actually asked you how your Christmas went so I apologize for that! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and spent a lot of quality time with your families and friends! Like last year, I decided to take some photos of few of the things I've gotten for my family. And like I said last year, this post is not me trying to brag or show off or anything, I personally like these kinds of posts so why not make one myself! These are mainly for my mom and sister, because I don't think anyone would want to see drills and all kinds of manly things haha. 

I decided to create a kind of a 'MakeUp Starter Kit' for my mom, since she always has to get makeup from me, so why not get her her own? In it I put makeup brushes and all that basic things that girls use in their daily makeup routine, ie. Foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner etc. 

Soo.. Let's have a look at it! 

Foundation - Rimmel 'Match Perfection'
Eyeliner - Rimmel 'Glam Eyes'
Powder - Rimmel 'Stay Matte'
Mascara - Miss Sporty 'Pump Up Booster Fast and Furious Mascara' 
Lipgloss - Catrice 'Infinite Shine'


Eyeliner and Eyeshadow - L'Oreal ( As you can see above )

I wanted to get my mom the Real Techniques brushes, but while I was in Primark I've seen their rather impressive brushes collection, so I decided to have a look at them. And OMG IF YOU HAVE A PRIMARK NEAR YOU, YOU GO GET THEM BRUSHES GIRL! They are so so so soft! And really inexpensive. Great for beginners actually!

Being weird, I got a few things for myself also! In Boots, if you spent 20 euro or more on L'Oreal products you got a free gift. And at first I wanted to give the gift to my mom but when I looked at the products I knew my mom wouldn't really use them. So I was like, 'Whoa, Merry Christmas to me!'

Isn't it beautiful?!

I got myself a few more things but I forgot to take photos! There were Essence lip liners on which I will do a separate post on. Pressed powders, primers, etc. I have a photo on my Instagram of those things if you're curious enough. 

These things I got for my sister. I was actually so excited for her to open her present! You can say I spent a bit on her stuff but I think it was worth every cent. I hope that she likes her present! Cause if she didn't I have no problem with taking them things for myself haha. 

Do you ever get jealous of the things you get for others? Yeah? Well it's me now.. I mean Benefit!

And now... The most adorable things I have ever seen. I walked into Claire's and I fell in love. I actually got those back in early November, and I couldn't wait for my mom and sister to see them. They actually use them too! I didn't really expect them to, to be honest! 

So this is it! I got a few more bits and pieces but I just forgot to take pictures afterwards! I'm sorry about that. I hope you liked the post! Let me know in the comments what you got your family and friends for Christmas! 

PS. If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel then here is a link to it! 


Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2014 recap...

So, 2014 aka the weirdest year I've ever had in my life (so far), has come to an end. 
Welcome 2015. 
I decided to think of this year as an empty book which, however it sounds, only I can write. I never actually believed in new year resolutions, I also wrote about this a year or two ago Click Here,
but this year is different. And I know, I know, you might think this is another one of them 'New Year New Me' posts, and guess what.. You're totally right! But before I make plans and resolutions for the year 2015, I should probably look over 2014. 

So, what happened in the crazy year that was 2014?

Let's just say.. A lot!

A year ago today, I sat down with my laptop and created a bucket list for 2014. 
I didn't finish it, sadly. But I do have most of the stuff crossed off of it. 

-Get a beautiful debs dress
-Try sushi
-Pass my leaving cert

Are only a few of the points I have written down. I did succeed on getting a beautiful debs dress, or passing my leaving cert. Sadly, didn't have sushi yet. Maybe this year. Who knows.
So... Leaving cert. I think that my year was crazy because of it. Everything has changed since then. I moved out of my parents' house, went into a huge University, had to become more independent. And guess what, I love it! I know I used to talk about how scared I was and stuff but I er.. changed my mind? Okay, embarrassingly enough, my mock leaving cert went awful. As bad as it sounds I only got 195 points in it, out of 600. But thankfully in the actual exam I got way way wayy more than that so I got into the University I wanted to go to. Not my dream course, but it'll take me another year to be happy with it (it's complicated). It was such a change! I had to do things on my own, which I always try to surround myself with people, I don't like to be alone. I made two amazing friends on the very first day. They are two of the few people I share a house with. This was also on my bucket list, 

-Make at least two friends on the first day of college

We are so close together it's quite amazing haha. I'm a rather quiet and a shy person but they made me more outgoing and 'stuff' I guess. The loner me finally started going out, and it makes me so happy. I literally can't thank them enough for it. 

But with going out, come the things that go along with it. 

-Get drunk 

So many of you might think that it's a bad thing, but I do believe that you have to try everything at least once. And this was one of them. To be honest, I'm not a great fan of alcohol, and don't necessarily see myself going out everyday or even 3 times a week. You definitely wont see me drinking. Didn't really enjoy the whole experience, because I'm a strong believer that you can have fun without alcohol. But everyone likes different things, and that's okay. 

-Not eat chocolate for 6 months

Okay... Well... That didn't happen...
Over the year 2014 I took my health and fitness more seriously and have managed to lose lots and lots of weight which makes me happy, but I'm not stopping there. From size 16-18, I went to 12-14. My goal is size 8. And I plan to reach that goal in 2015. Actually quite excited for it. And being all honest here, the only reasons why I don't want to lose more weight are; because I don't want my boobs to get smaller AND I've gotten some really amazing clothes and it'd be a shame if they got too big. 
But losing weight means more shopping so why not?!

-Watch The Fault in Our Stars in the cinema

I was crying in the cinema, when I walked out of the cinema, AND when I got home. 
Why oh why.. I can never watch that movie without crying. Just.. No..

-Say 'I love you and mean it'  

Oh God, here comes the cringe... 
2014 was a year of heartbreaks. And oh it wasn't nice. You know what girls, it took me 17 years to realize that boys, in fact, are 'stupid'? No. Maybe I wouldn't say stupid, more like 'Don't get things'.
So a wee bit of advice. 
-Do not drop hints, they won't get them. Don't waste your time.
-They sometimes think that doing the wrong (to us, girls) things, are okay. This makes me so mad actually haha. So deal with it. Or try to explain that you don't find it 'okay'.
But other than that they are quite great, and cute, and cuddly and just perf. 

-Go somewhere exotic for the summer holidays

Majooorca!!! Went there with my sister. Just the two of us. And I loved it! I can't wait to go back!! 

So basically I made a lot of friends. I'm more confident. I'm in University. I started a YouTube channel! And I really can't wait to see what's gonna happen in 2015! 

Do I have any plans for 2015?

Other than the usual ( Trying to be a better me ) I really want to be successful in college, and put extra effort into my blog and YouTube channel. And if you know me in real life, and noticed I haven't been posting for a while punch me. Seriously, don't warn me. Just punch me in the face right there and then. Thank you x

PS. Happy New Year to you all! I hope that this year will be better than the last one! 

What are your New Year Resolutions?


Monday, 29 December 2014

Youtube, here I come!!

My darlings!

In my previous posts I have mentioned that I wanted to start a YouTube channel. And guess what!! I DID! I have uploaded my first video two days ago with my friend and I am quite happy with it seen as it's my first video ever. I will put the video here so you can watch it here! I would love if you subscribed and gave the video a biig thumbs up! Thank youu!! Soo.. Here it is!!


PS. Excuse the picture, when YouTube picked it out I couldn't stop laughing!

Hope you like(d) the video! 


Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Sweater OD

Hi there!!
I'm home for the weekend, well I should actually be studying for my last two exams that are next week, and I know I left my blog for a bit, and I'm sorry. I'm back with a rather Christmassy post. Okay, Christmas jumpers. Who has them? I got one from my sister last year, it actually lights up, which so embarrassingly hilarious. Of course I love it, and a big thank you goes to my sister. But has anyone noticed that the jumpers get a whole lot more hype than they used to? So basically, you don't have a Christmas jumper, you're not living your life right? But do not worry, my friend, I am here to show you different jumpers from different shops, and that are also quite 'wearable' and don't light up like a Christmas tree ( ha ha hano ). Soooo leggo..

 So, all three of these babies are from New Look 

Now, here's the fun part. Cause who doesn't like Tesco brand clothes?!

Oh Topshop. You babe <3

What would a clothes post be without my lovely ROMWE

And, I eh, tried to find some funny jumpers as a nice end to the post but I kept finding really inappropriate ones. So.. I'm sorry. 
I'm soon starting my Christmas holidays, I'm then making my first youtube video!! So see you then!



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