Saturday, 25 July 2015

Essence 'Satin Mauve' Lip Liner Review

 Hello my darlings!

As you are reading this, I am chillaxing in Poland. 
I didn't want to abandon my blog or YouTube for the entire two weeks I will be in Poland so with the help of my mom I will be posting during my holiday. 

Anyway, I'm here with another lip product. 
This time, it's my ALL TIME FAVOURITE lip liner from Essence. 

Apparently it's a dupe of the liner that Kylie Jenner wears on her lips, honestly, I can't really see it, but then I'm not that great with colours. I have photos of me wearing it under this so go ahead and judge for yourself! 

I think I wear this liner everyday. It looks great with any eye makeup and I don't think I can praise it enough. The formula is great, it applies super easily and it's super cheap! Under 2euro. 
I have owned about 5 of those now and I definitely will keep buying it. 

If I was asked if I'd recommend it to my readers I'd obviously say yes! 


I hope you liked this quick post. 
Have you used this liner? What do you think of it?

Much love,

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Glamulet Review


I'm here with ANOTHER YouTube video! I know, I'm surprised too! 
But I was sent a product to review from this company called Glamulet! 
I tell you everything in the video, but I will be writing a blog post on it! 
Here it is!!

Thank you for watching!!

Much love,

Monday, 20 July 2015

Poland Haul


Another thing is up on my YouTube, you can watch it here!

Thanks for watching!!

Much love,

Saturday, 18 July 2015

MAC Cosmetics Glaze, Hue Review

Well, Well, Well..

Another lip post is here, this time I went that step further and moved from drug store/pharmacy lipsticks and lip crayons to something a bit more high end and here I am, testing out MAC lipstick for you. 

Do I even have to tell you what I think of it??


The smell is just amazing, no taste to it and the shade. Oh my! 

When I went to MAC id Dublin I was so starstruck! I honestly didn't know where to go first. I decided to buy a lipstick and that's how I lost my MAC virginity. I wanted to go for something natural, I didn't want to buy some shade I wouldn't like. At first I wanted Angel but it was sold out. Now I feel bad for not buying Velvet Teddy. But I'm going to be in the duty free zone soon enough so I'll buy it there!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even though the price is kinda meh, 19.50e. It honestly is worth every cent. 

It stays on for a long time and the pigmentation is amazing. I don't think there is anything that I don't like about it. I'd love to get more of course. It's like getting a tattoo to be honest. You get one and you want more and more. 

Here I'll show you some photos of the product!


What shades of MAC lipsticks are your favourite? Do you have any recommendations?

Much love,

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sony Xperia Z3..

 Hello my darlings! 

So, since my Samsung Galaxy S4 looked like it survived a nuclear bomb explosion, I decided it was time to finally let Theodore (the phone. Yes, I do name my belongings. For example, my laptop is called Harold.) go. 

At first, I wanted to get an iPhone 6 Plus, but when the man in the Vodafone place told me the price and my world kinda crashed for about I don't know, 0.3 seconds, and I went back home, thought about it for a while. And I decided that it really was a ridiculous price for a phone, so I decided to look for something else. 

During my search I came across the Xperia Z3. I always liked them. Big phones with big screens are my thing. I find small phones irritating and I lose them rather easily. So I went in and picked this baby up.

I did have to go to a different county to get it, as the copper coloured Z3s are very rare in Ireland, and I grabbed the last one. 

I am in love with it. 

The colour, the size, the sound. Amazing. 
I honestly don't see any flaws in it yet. Hopefully wont see any ever, but I guess every phone as a bit of a flaw. 

The only thing that's terrifying me in it is that I might break the screen! The front and the back! Well the back doesn't have a screen but it has a glass back like the old iPhones do. But I got my protective  case, so hopefully nothing will happen to Dominic.


Do you own a Z3? Do you like it? Have you any tips for people that are starting out with a Z3?

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Before I die..

Hello my darlings.

How are you all? I hope that everything is going great for you and that you're having an amazing day. 

If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed a tweet. 

Today morning didn't start great for me, I woke up crying like a baby and had an urge to call my grandfather to see if he was okay as he is very very sick. Perhaps you heard that some people see someone in their dreams, it feels like that person is saying their goodbyes, and when they wake up they get the news that someone has passed away. 
And that dream is so realistic, almost like it was really happening. 
And I know this because it has happened to me when my cousin passed away, and after that dream I've been, I don't know, scared isn't really the word but it's pretty close, that it was going to happen again. And that's what I thought today morning. I probably sound so silly right now, and you're wondering where this post is going. 

But I thought that it couldn't happen, you know, I didn't get enough time with my grandfather. And it's crazy how people can just be gone from your life, in seconds. Again, I probably sound extremely silly, it was just a dream after all! But it was kind of a wake up call for me. 

You definitely have heard of the Berkeley tragedy. Six Irish students have died after a balcony has collapsed. Few were left severely injured. And a girl that has survived has released a statement, in which she has spoken about her current state and how she was doing, but also said something that has really made me think.. 

'Enjoy a good dance and the feeling of grass beneath your feet like it's the last time because in this crazy world you never know when it might be' 

That is so so true. 

We don't know when something is going to happen. 
We don't know when we see someone that we might be seeing them for the last time that day. 
Or us doing something at the time is the last time that we will get the chance to do that something. 
I think we should appreciate a lot of things that we are going through right now. The good and the bad. Cause both leave us with a lesson. And I know that some situations are so horrible that no one would even want to think about it in a positive light. Like being abused, or losing someone very important in your life, or being involved in something very tragic and that's understandable, of course. 

I always try to make the most of what I'm going through. One day I remember I was on a walk with my friend and it was raining so heavily and I was sad but I was trying to be positive. And I remember him looking at me like I was absolutely crazy, because he knew I was super upset, yet I was pointing out how beautiful the beach we were walking on at the time was, and how amazing it looked when it rained, and how the sky was a pretty grey color and that the smell of the rain was just adding to the mood. 
I thought that I should focus on the good around me, not the bad. 

And I believe it is what we should do if we want to keep our sanity. 

The title of this post is going to be explained right now. 
'Before I die'? I think that I didn't say what I always wanted to say. 
If something happens and I die lets say tomorrow, I would leave nothing behind and whatever was in my head would have never left it. I wouldn't have said what I always wanted to say. And I hope you don't think that I'm just another teenager that has had the easiest life, no responsibilities, no struggles. Cause let me tell you my life was not full of unicorns and rainbows and glitter. I've went through a lot, and if I didn't, this post wouldn't be out there right now. 

But here, I will list everything that is on my mind. 

1. Love.

I believe that you can never say 'I love you' too many times. 
Love and love hard, don't hold yourself back. If you love someone go and tell them. So easy to say, obviously I'm not telling you to go up to your crush and go 'I LOVE YOU!' cause honestly I wouldn't do it either! But your parents, go up to them right now, call them, text them, tell them you love them. Your sisters and brothers, no matter how much you fight, you love them! I was like this with my sister, we fought so much but now, when I look at her I think that I'd be completely lost without her. Love others, love your family and friends and your pets. Everything around you but also love YOURSELF. 
You're given this one body, take care of it. Love every thing that is a part of you. It is perfectly normal to have insecurities, but lets be honest you are beautiful and there is NOTHING you should be insecure about. You are you, there is no one else out there that is you. Embrace it. Be body positive, be YOU positive. It honestly hurts me to see amazing people being insecure and full of self hatred. I feel like taking them out for coffee and talking to them, naming every beautiful thing about them. And giving them a big hug of course. 
So please, love others and tell them that every day, you never know when they might be gone. And love yourself, please. 

2. Be nice, have compassion.

Everyone is going/went through something that you might not know about please be nice. Even the people that are always smiling and laughing can be depressed, remember that.

3. Life is short. 

Life really is short. Laugh as loud as you can, love truly, forgive quickly, develop trust slowly and NEVER avoid something that makes you smile. Also, never regret doing something that made you happy. Even past relationships. You might not be with that person anymore but you were happy at the time, you smiled and laughed and loved. Never regret anything that made you happy. 
And if something is not making you happy do not be afraid to walk away from it. If you feel like you're not happy, something doesn't benefit you, or doesn't help you grow. Don't waste your time, move on. Don't live to make other people happy. For example your parents. You know it would make them happy if you became a doctor, but you want to be a fashion designer, don't go be a doctor! It is you that will have to be a doctor for the next 40 or 50 years of your life! If a doctor would make them happy, it might sound so rude but, why don't they go to school and become a doctor? You are the only person you will be with every day for the rest of your life. Do what makes you happy. Happiness is the most important thing in our lives. 

4. Encourage others.

Always be supportive of others. I have a friend that is thinking of a sex change. I know that it would make him happy, so I encourage him to do it. You want to dress like a girl for a day or two? It makes you happy? Do it! 
Be a loyal friend. Be a loyal girlfriend. Be a loyal wife! Why would you want to hurt the people that you love? 

6. Be honest. 

Always, always, ALWAYS be honest. No matter what it is about. Always be honest.

This is it for now, all that I can think of right now anyway. 
I just want to let all of you know that I am so so grateful for all of you. People who visit my blog every day, people who leave comments, people that watch my YouTube videos and leave feedback. I really am. 

As you're taking a breath right now, someone is taking their last, be thankful and appreciate. 

Much much love,

Boots and Primark Haul!

Hey guys!!

So, once again, I did a thing on my YouTube channel..

If you'd like to see it, you can do it here! 

Much much love,


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