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Saturday, June 02, 2012

I'm soo sorry! I was cut away from the world of Internet for around two weeks.
I was actually going crazy that I couldn't blog. But I'm back now. Vogue was the only source of fashion world news for me (We didn't have the TV either). For those that don't know why this happened is because I moved houses. This was good in a way as I started to design again. Here is a fact about my house actually.
I am 99.9% sure this house is haunted. Some believe in ghost some don't. I'm in between. Ah well.
So I decided to make this post about me,sounds a bit selfish but it really isn't,it's for you actually ;)
I think you should get to know me better if you read my blog. I'm really happy with the amount of views this blog gets everyday. So here we go....
Who is my favourite male model? :D
Ahh male models... Who doesn't like them huh? My interest of fashion began because of one guy.
One of about 5 of my favourite male models is Francisco Lachowski.
Mixture of Brazilian and Polish, Polish just like me :D Very handsome.
He is the one that developed my interest of fashion. So here is a quick story...
I kept seeing his pictures on a website I used to go on to. He was really handsome and caught my eye.
I asked my sister and she told me its a guy called Francisco Lachowski.
So I looked at fashion shows which he was in,sounds a bit obsessed I know.. But don't judge I was young then. Well I still am but...  And I saw the clothes. The interviews with the designers,the passion they had for clothes. I could talk and talk about it. So I went to look at different designers and their work. So I thought how cool is it to design clothes,travel and meet great people? I was drawing clothes for a long long time, ever since I was around 7. The ideas in my head never stopped and don't stop even now. I just got really into clothes I remember my dad always says that I dress up even when I'm at home doing nothing,but it's all about the clothes right? :D. I always loved to make up outfits,even now my friends ask me to help them to pick out outfits for them or what should they add or does this suit this and all. I was thinking about being a stylist but just working with clothes wasn't enough for me. I wanted to MAKE them!
I am planning to buy a mannequin soon, I kept my communion dress and I want to make it into something else. Surprisingly I still fit into it. Going back to Francisco..
Yes,he is my favourite male model ever! He always looks so great on photo shoots. TI for men is one of his best campaigns. He is such an inspiration though,it seems like everything is made for him to wear.
So here is a photo of him for you to know how he looks like,and if you see him somewhere just jump,scream and shout. That's what I would do.. Ah no, I would probably be too shy to go up to him.
'Mr.Lachowski can a plain me take a picture with your perfection?' Ah god! No... I wouldn't say that now.
I think he is a fun guy he he.. AND we have another thing in common :D I have the same headphones!! Bujakah! So this is all about Francisco... I love you :D Ha ha... But... He is taken :( His girlfriend is verry pretty so at least he isn't wasting ;D
So here are two of his pictures but it was a bit hard to find a photo on which he had a shirt on,but pff... He looks good even without it ;D


Another model is Ash Stymest.
I like his bad boy image to be honest,,love his tattoos. MTV Bang I watched so many times...
His sense of humour is weird but that's what makes him great and unique in a way.
And he has a cute Lil daughter.. Such a cutie.. Just like her dad :P But I didn't see his wife.
And unfortunately I don't tend to see him in fashion shows I watch :( PS. My friend is totally in love with him.. You know who you are ;D
Here are pictures that I like of him..


River Viiperi.
He is defo fun to be around! He has model diaries on YouTube, there wasn't a video during which I didn't laugh. He has the most amazing eyes ever. And always looks great on photos. I like his H&M campaign.
And he has the greatest music taste ever. On his videos I heard songs like So Fine by Sean Paul which I been listening for ages and when I heard it in his video I was like EeeP! And The River flows in You by Yiruma.. That song gets me emotional.. And when people hear me listening to it they think I am weird,but..
And he is taken.. :O I think all of the guys have girlfriends,I don't get when people accuse male models of being gay. Hes a model,he has to be gay.. That's not true..
Here are his amazing pictures..

Sebastian Sauve.
He has a real interesting face. I like it ;) He is I think every girls ideal guy, blue eyes, blond hair.
He seems fun,I love Justin Wu for the videos he makes. He shows us who the models are in real life.
And of course Sebastian is in those too,just like Francisco and River and others.
I cant say anything else about him to be honest. Just he has a beautiful face ;) Anything else to say??
Oh,and I don't know if he has a gf or not so..


Simon Nessman.
He is down to earth and seems quite settled down and intelligent guy,he is a quiet type.
He has nice curly hair,which sometimes gets destroyed in some photo shoots,by the hairstylists with a killer called hair straightener. And a lovely smile. I remember an interview he did with this weird woman that started to ask him weird questions... Sorry a flashback :P Nothing much to say..
So here are the pics...




And Last is Marlon Teixeira.
Omg his accent is soo cute. He is best friends with Francisco,he seems such a sweet guy.
And he is very handsome,I think the best male models are from Brazil..
Cant say a lot about Marlon except that he is the cutest and sweetest one of them all. 
Here are the photos..


Soo this is all for today..
I think I will write more things about my interests,this is fun actually :D 
And looking up pictures is the best...Just saying...
Oh god how much I love these guys :P With them around fashion becomes more fun and interesting.

                                                 Thank You..
                                                                 Weronica xoxo.... 

I do not own any copyrights for these photos :)

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